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Heyy there gorgeous! Welcome to Food Then Games!

Do you love food? Do you love games? Then I have fantastic news for you — you’re totally in the right place to hang out! Food Then Games is my passion project based around my love of developing delightfully easy recipes and playing video games!

Most of the recipes you’ll find around here are going to be gluten free and/or paleo {only on rarer occasions will you find a non-gluten free recipe!}! You’ll also find some awesome tips + tricks in regards to food and food shopping, free lists, meal planning help, and oh-so much more!

As far as games go? I’m a massive fan of RPGs and a few multiplayer games {currently mainly Warframe and Elder Scrolls Online!}! I’m also a huge mod user and make my own personal mods for Skyrim!

I’m pretty much an all around food/video game nerd and I want to share all of it with you! If you’re loving everything you’re finding on the blog, don’t forget to check out the Food Then Games social media accounts and keep an eye for live streams in the future!