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Dragon Age Inquisition | Let’s Play Mod List

Here’s a list of Riley’s Mods for my YouTube Let’s Play! All of the mods listed are only .dai mods as that’s easier for me when balancing multiple mods lists for stream and Twitch

Mod Manager can be found here: DAITools Suite

As a note: Any mod that edits freckles, eyes, hair, etc are going to apply to both Riley and any NPC in the game that uses the same asset! 

Riley Specific Mods:
– SOS Brows on Fleek – Sparse Version 
– SK Hair Pack – Ponytail with Braids v2
Kitten’s Inquisitor Complexions – Makeup Edit Only
Pajamas for HF – Sera’s Armor w/ over the knee boots
XOXO Warpaints – Octavia’s Skin Texture
Sera’s Breeches – Mage Version 
Invisible Starting Gear

No Longer Available:
SOS Babydoll Eyes, tintable
Sera Armor Retexture 

Utility Mods:
DA:I Tool Suite Loader
More Banter
Enhanced Inquisitor Sliders – .DAI Mod Version 
No More Grave Desecration
Party at Winter Palace
War Table – No Waiting
More Influence
More Inquisition Levels
No Dirt Build Up
Quest Tracker Hider
Quicker Looting
Unlock Specializations 

Ambassador Montilyet Makeovers – Used Makeover + Earrings
Inquisition’s Ambassador 
Seeker’s Sending – Complexion Only
Darkling I Listen – Complexion Only
Dark + Worn – Armour Texture Only
No-Shine Cullen 
Eggs without Hats
Celtic Commander
Above the Din and Damn – Outfit + Complexion tweak
Dorian In Black
Iron Bull Vitaar + Piercings
Inquisition Branded Finery – In White

Buttflap Be Gone
Worn Inqusition-Texture Overhaul
SK Hair Pack – Scalp Texture Edit
SK Hair Retexture – Realistic
Koric Freckle Edit
Armor – No Class Restrictions Remade
Seasonal Palettes – Dark Winter
Redcliffe Crafting Supply
Halla Back Girl

Other Mods I’m using that aren’t available currently:
– Tarot Cards on the Wall for Skyhold Bedroom
– Scarquisition
– Iron Bull No Stripes {on Pants}


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  • james
    January 16, 2020 at 6:28 am

    im useing this for my next playthrough. thank you

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