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Dragon Age Inquisition PC Mods List

Heyy Everyone! Here’s a list of my overall general pretty much always use them Dragon Inquisition Mods list! If you’re looking for a Inquisitor Specific set of mods you can check out the following different posts for each of my favorites!

Emmie, Qunari Rogue Mod List
Lyla, Dwarf Archer Mod List

And now for the mods! I personally am still using .daimods which is the older form of mods — but I can’t currently convert my older favorite mods to the new frosty tools correctly so I’m sticking with this for now! If that changes I’ll do a detailed post on how I transferred everything!

There are some mods listed that aren’t for download anymore and I’m probably missing a few in this list! But this should be a good place to get started if you’re looking for DA:I Mods!

Utility Mods:
DA:I Tool Suite Loader
More Banter
No More Grave Desecration
Party at Winter Palace
War Table – No Waiting
Irritating Dialogue Removal
More Influence
More Inquisition Levels
No Dirt Build Up
Quicker Looting
Unlock Specializations 

Ambassador Montilyet Makeovers {Used Makeover + Earrings}
Inquisition’s Ambassador¬†
Seeker’s Sending {just used complexion}
Darkling I Listen {Just used Leliana’s Complexion Mod}
Dark + Worn {Just used Leliana’s armour texture}
No-Shine Cullen 
Celtic Commander
Above the Din and Damn {just using Outfit + complexion tweak}
Dorian In Black
Iron Bull Vitaar + Piercings
Inquisition Branded Finery {in White}

Buttflap Be Gone
Koric’s Fabric Edits
Flower Baby Leather Works
Worn Inqusition-Texture Overhaul
Inquisitor Portraits – Female Lavellan
Armor – No Class Restrictions Remade
Redcliffe Crafting Supply
Halla Back Girl
This and That – Using Freckle Edit

Other Mods I’m using that aren’t available currently:
– Tarot Cards on the Wall for Skyhold Bedroom
– Scarquisition
– Iron Bull No Stripes {on Pants}


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