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Lyla Cadash’s Character Profile | Dwarf Inquisitor

Basic Lyla Facts:

  • Name: Lyla Cadash
  • Age: 23 as of 9:41 Dragon
  • Eye Color: Lyrium Blue
  • Hair Color: Medium Ash Blonde
  • Scars: Left Temple
  • Tattoos: None
  • Profession: Carta spy and lookout during Lyrium deals
  • Specialization: Archery + Poisons
  • Rune of Choice: Frost Rune

Random Lyla Facts:

  • Second Generation Surfacer
  • Not a fan of Orzammar … at all
  • Dislikes “The Game”
  • She will absolutely tell you how she feels
  • Loves her Dracolisk
  • Prefers wine over ale
  • Always has a small bag of snacks on hand
  • Doesn’t subscribe to the concept of Paragons or Stone Sense
  • Very much into the Here + Now
  • Not Religious
  • Extremely talented in the art of reading body language
  • Prefers darker coloured armours
  • She doesn’t have a side in the Mage vs. Templar debate
  • Very, very practical … to the point of having no tact when handling situations

Extra Information:

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