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Mass Effect Andromeda 2020 Mod List

Heyy Everyone! Here’s the list of Mods I’m using for my YouTube Let’s Play of Mass Effect: Andromeda! If you have any trouble installing mods you can check out my tutorial for How to Install Frosty Mods!

Frosty Mod Manager
MEA Fix Pack
No Profile Switching Cooldown
Faster Kadara Doors
Push Down Camera
Customize Your HUD
Right in the Eye
Better Squad

Peebee Tweaks {No Mask, With Eyebrows}
Gil + Reyes Tweaks {Using Both}
No Grid Gil
Suvi Tweak
Cora Tweak
Cora Armor Recolor
Femshepping’s Companion Face Edits {Liam only}
Jaal Skin Recolors {Using Stone}
Stephy’s Odds + Ends {Jaal Teal + Black Armour}
Lady G’s Angaran Eye Recolors {Using Winds of Voeld}
* Jaal also has his Cape removed, but that’s a personal mod I convereted – you might be able to find one on Nexus though!

No Clipping Cora + Lani Hair Mash Up Head 10 {Using High Ponytail + Bang B Head 10}
Leather Jacket Mod
Armor Appearance Swaps {just using Outlaw Armor Swap}
CC Overhaul + Makeup {For head 10 only}
Femshepping’s Hair Colour Edits {using Experimental Colors}
Elea’s Mods {Using Elea Face Texture, Tribal Body Tattoo, and Eye Texture V2 }
Headphones Be Gone
Plain Athletic Wear – Female Ryder
Underarmor Casual Outfit {It’s for the older modding system, I converted it to Frosty Mods for myself}
Lush Lashes
Casual Tint Fix
Long Sleeve – Cora & Liam AI Casual Outfit Swap

Turian Makeover
Tempest Wood Replacer {Using Ipe Wood}
Stephy’s Odds + Ends {only using Weapon Tint Removal on AR, Pistol + Shotgun}
Addison Tweak
Asari Tweaks
Scavenger Armour – Fabric Scarf Retexture


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