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Mass Effect PC Mod List

Why hello there! It’s time for another mods list to hit the blog! Today I wanted to chat with you about what Mods I’m using on PC for the first Mass Effect Game! This list is short and sweet but the mods make a WORLD of difference when playing this game!

One important thing to note. If you are going to use Hi-Res mods in Mass Effect 1 {or really any Original Trilogy Mass Effect Game} you need to have a Large Address Awareness Patch installed {or LAA for short}. This will allow the game to utilize more than 2gb of ram so you have less frame rate stutter or crashes! There are a few different ones out there so just use your favorite! I’ve been using CFF Explorer as mine for years!

And one last thing to note, make sure you have Auto Update disabled in Origins so it doesn’t try to repair your game or overwrite your Hi-Res Mods!

Mods used in Mass Effect 1:

When I installed these mods, I used the ALOT installer to install ALOT, MEUITM, HR Armor and a few other mods ALOT recommended. Then I double checked my game still worked, closed out of it and then restarted the launcher for ALOT and used it to install El’s ME1 Complexion Tweak mod!

Happy Modding!!!!



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