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Qunari Inqusitior PC Mods List | Dragon Age Inquisition

Heyy Everyone! Here’s the list of mods I’m currently using to make Emmie so gosh darn pretty! If you want to see my general mods list for Dragon Age Inquisition you can check out this post here that details it all!

Emmie Face/Body:
SOS Qunari PackI’m using: textures for Susi Adaar, Vivid Eye Texture, Freckle Overlay, PJ Edit {in petite}, Saarebas Armor Style Edit, Hair, Make Up + Eye Lash … so almost everything! 

Armour’s + Clothing:
Pilgrim’s Coat
Wedding Dress Mesh Edit
Trespasser Skyhold PJ Replacer + SchematicsI’m using the Formal Wear Crafting, Formal Wear Replacer Wedding Dress + Saarebas Armour Crafting



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