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Stardew Valley Mod List | 1.4 Update


I’m so excited to tell Ella’s story in Stardew Valley! She’s such a unique, creative soul! 
With any new let’s play on YouTube totally comes a full mod list and here’s Ella’s! All of the mods used in this Let’s Play are for Content Patcher! 

Happy Modding!

Mi’s and Magimatica Country Furniture
Industrial Kitchen and Interior
Medieval Buildings
Industrial Furniture Set
Warm Cozy Fireplace
Flowery Stone
Pethouse Re-Skin to Match Yellog’s Buildings
V1.4 Misc Recolour Pack — Not using Fish Pond
Classy Interiors — scroll down to post #330 by acornfaerie for download
Yellog’s Wood Craftables
Seasonal Fences
Wren’s Expanded Greenhouse
Seasonal Path and Flooring

Utility Mods:
Content Patcher
Json Assets
SMAPI – Stardew Modding API
Fishing Made Easy
Garden Variety UI

Better Gems and Minerals
Better Artisan Goods
Better Crops and Foraging
Succulents for Json Assets
Elle’s Critter and Butterfly Replacements
Elle’s New Coop Animals
Elle’s New Barn Animals
Elle’s New Horses
Rabbit Floof
Seasonal Tub O Flowers
More Grass
Stardew Foliage Redone
Dirt Grass Cliff Water

Villagers/Ella Mods:
Immersive Festival Dialogue
Seasonal Villager Outfits
George and Evelyn Developed
Hairstyles Recolored and a New Hairstyle Update
Birthday Mail
Elliot Marriage Dialogue Expansion
Elliot – Dialogue Expansion
Doki Doki Dialogue – Elliot



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